Who Wants to be a Viking

Saturday – March 20, 2021

Saturday, March 20 was a nippy day for running in the Viking Half Marathon in Greenwood MS! 

Jennifer and I love Greenwood’s small town charm and especially the flat course. Greenwood is the home of the Viking Corp, known for its top line stoves and ranges  and cookware.

It is a small race around 150 Half Marathoners and they also had a 5K. The swag bag was loaded with local goodies from businesses in the city! I think Jennifer needed a wheelbarrow! Fannie Pack, Coozies, drink cup, note pad, tissues, Runner’s light for the shoes, hot pad and a nice canvas bag.

The course took in many sites of the old beautiful southern town. Starting downtown, you run past the courthouse and past the old train depot. It certainly was a dark dark morning before the start, especially if you had to pick up your packet on race day! Luckily it lightened up as we got closer to start time!

It was great to see friends like Dale Clark from Mississippi and Teal Clark from Arkansas. Though not related I still claim one as a little brother and the other as my cousin! It was also a pleasure to see 70+ year old Bonnie from Mississippi and Carol Earles also from Arkansas. The surprise was running into an old friend’s son, Tommy Bennett who now is in the Memphis area.

You run along side the Yazoo River and then across a older steel style bridge. In addition to the Yazoo River, you also ran along side the Talahatchie River. Same river that Billie Joe McAlister jumped in but wrong bridge. That bridge is 10 north!

The course took us through a lot of nice residential areas that include homes large and small, old southern homes to new homes with a modern look. Overall, old or new, Greenwood has been able to retain the southern small town charm over the years.

Water stations were well manned with friendly volunteers who were well organized by Start 2 Finish, an event group out of Memphis, TN.

City of Greenwood Police were some of the friendliest law enforcement people we have ever met. While much of the course was open to traffic, the police did their job expertly and the local drivers maneuver  with respect towards the runners! Everyone enjoyed the race and the atmosphere. From 1st time Halfers to the most experienced, Greenwood got high marks as a race and town!

We always meet interesting people. David and Shelia from Hernando ran a good part of the final leg with Jennifer. Both are the life of the party. Shelia has been running for a while and has convinced David to run more Half Marathons with her. In Greenwood he had a PR! I am sure we will be welcoming both into Half Fanatics… they fit the mold perfectly (Jennifer is the Half Fanatic/Marathon Maniac Ambassador for MS, LA, AL)

After the race, runners were treated to fried catfish with all the southern fixins, chicken wraps and topped off with Truly and Michelob Ultra beer. And as you may know…Bullie and I are just here to drink the beer!!

This has become one of our favorite Mississippi races. Jennifer, Bullie and I will be back again! Join us??

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