New Hampshire, She was a beauty!

State #40 Half #202

October 1, 2021

Bullie the Cowbell said she was a beautiful with nice curves and eye candy from one end to the other! She was the New Hampshire Marathon and Half Marathon. Bristol New Hampshire is a beautiful small New England town with all the charm that is accented with the turning of the leaves. And Bullie and I were ready to enjoy nature and watch Jennifer tackle Half #202!

This is a point to point race with everyone meeting at a local school in town. Unable do get there in time for packet pick up on Friday, the race people had the packets available race day. Smooth and easy, it was well organized and everyone was so friendly! Then, by 8:00am the runners were on buses for a 13 mile trip to Sculptures Rocks north of town. Bullie and I jumped in the car and followed the last bus.

The course was an open road course that made its way back to town along country roads and a gorgeous stretch by a lake. Home old and new, generational, in family for years, set against mountains with the beginning of fall leave changes and beautiful views of Lake Newfound ( pronounced new – found) The half went on one side of the lake while the Marathon, starting in town went all the way around the lake. It did have a lot of rolling hills but they were not as bad as others Jennifer have run.

Water stations were well manned and one one had fruit and snacks. The people of Bristol are some of the most friendliest we have seen on a race course. Who smiles at an early race day packet pick up? They do! People on the front porches of house waving and cheering, a Boy Scout troop have a shouting competition as to who can say WATER the loudest.

After party had a musician playing and announcing winners. The Finish offered drinks, milk, fruits, cookies and an assortment of other snacks. Feeling a bit sore. Free massage! Bullie even met a few of his smaller relatives!!

One business in town offering free beer with bid and ID while another business offering free lunch with bid… Chinese restaurant with some of the best food I have had! Not a Buffett, a real plate of food!! That was our after race meal with Candice and Pam Provencher. As a side note… Pam drove an hour just to be at mile 10 and the finish with a cool sign and to support Candice!!

Even though the race was small, there were runners from 35 states there! It would surprise me if a third or more were from out of state… as far as CA, CO, TX and, of course, MS! Some of those from out of down that came as a group let me take their picture under Love All The Clubs banner!

One negative that Jennifer experienced and heard from others, the open road was an issue in places, especially around the lake. We did have a number of drivers who were definitely not be a cautious with their speed as one would like. Perhaps more police presence would have help on that part of the course. They did a great job with the volunteers how were in charge of traffic and the police did a great job where they were located… I think everyone in blue that Bullie and I saw cheered the runners on!

If you enjoy small town races that are a picturesque example of New England and its natural beauty, this is the race for you. Now… time for some random pictures!!

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